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February 3rd~10th - DialA.B.C☆E #19~#20 [Radio]
Hey guys, here the February masterpost for
ダイヤルA.B.C☆E (Dial A.B.C☆E) episodes!

I hope you all are doing fine!
Sorry for taking so long with the updates.

As always, this post will be locked a week after the upload of the last episode of the month .

Radio Show Website: http://www.tbsradio.jp/abcz/
Radio Show Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABCE_TBSRADIO
Radio Show Email: http://abcz@tbs.co.jp

☆2017.02.03 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #19 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.02.10 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #20 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.02.17 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #21 >>DOWNLOAD<< Not aired yet

☆2017.02.24 - ダイヤルA.B.C☆E #22 >>DOWNLOAD<< Not aired yet

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*Click HERE for episodes #??~#?? (March, 2017)*


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