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January~?? 2017 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #12~#?? [Radio]
Hi guys!
This is 2017 Masterpost for A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club.

A.B.C-Z Konya wa J's Club (A.B.C-Z Tonight's J's Club) is a radio show that airs the last Tuesday of each month,
and it looks like many guests (especially Johnny's Jr) will appear in it.

Note: I don't live in Japan, so I'm not the one recording this radio show, it's people living there who share it with me,
so I can't guarantee that they'll keep on recording/sharing it, but as long as they'll do I'll keep on uploading it.

RADIO SHOW WEBSITE: http://www4.nhk.or.jp/jsclub/
RADIO SHOW TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nhk_jsclub
RADIO SHOW EMAIL: >>Click Here<<

☆2017.01.31 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #12 >>DOWNLOAD<<

☆2017.02.28 - A.B.C-Z 今夜はJ's 倶楽部 #13 >>DOWNLOAD<< NOT AIRED YET

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